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My One Hour Power

No…not a power nap!  (I wish)

This is about the dreaded housework.  Actually, for me, it’s not dreaded.  I LOVE a clean smelling house, I love for my family to say “Mommy my clothes smell so good”, I love it when the house is not a wreck for unexpected guest, and I love having dinner ready when everyone gets home.  I just HATE what it takes to do all that!

Something that I learned from my mother is to every morning, set a block of time to run through & clean particular things in a efficient order. Like starting downstairs, in case something comes up, or someone stops by…you definitely want the downstairs to be clean.  Now I believe she only takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but you have to understand who my mother is…the real super woman, and that’s someone I just  AM NOT!  Remember the song, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan”?  That’s her & MORE.  She worked, cooked, home schooled, gardened, hand-sewn our clothes, baked from scratch, kept the house clean, was in the army reserves, etc, etc, etc,.  My mother seemed to be good at everything to me!  I always feel like if I could do as half as much as her I would just ROCK!  Even today, at 60 some odd years, I think she could run circles around me anytime, anywhere! LOL  I do a lot of stuff, but I don’t think I’m as efficient so I just do what I can! \(‘_’)/

My Hour of Power, really is an hour and a half, but then it wouldn’t have a catchy name?! It helps me to feel like, if someone where to stop by, I wouldn’t be embarrassed.  It takes a load off my mind so that I can get some other things done, and then if I have time I can do a little more housework later…but if not, I’d be okay.  You know that check off list on your pad of paper or in your head that you must get done but never seem to get even half way through? >_<    Well, this makes my check off list much lighter because housework is never on it!!!  Okay, so want to know what it is? Are you sure? Well if I tell you, I want to hear about YOUR great ideas and tips that have helped with your housework! DEAL?

Hour of Power steps:

I give myself an hour and a half…and I set an alarm on my cell phone, when time is up….TIME IS UP!

1. (30m) I always start downstairs.  I MUST have coffee every morning, so while that is brewing I take out something for dinner, & wash the dishes (if there are any, I usually do them after dinner).  For those of you ‘lucky son-of-a-guns’ who have a dishwasher…just throw them in there. I ENVY YOU! And you should feel sorry for me because I AM the dishwasher. Then, while fixing my breakfast I wipe off the tables & counters & sweep the floor…and take note if it needs to be mopped.  If it’s not too bad I’ll swifter mop it real quick.  If it is particularly dirty but I don’t have time, I’ll make a mental note to squeeze it in before I go to bed.

2. (10m) Next, while I’m inhaling my food & coffee, in the Family Room….I do a quick dusting, pick up after the kids, straighten pillows & vacuum. This is also a room I try to tidy up before going to bed…or I make the kids so it shouldn’t be too bad.  But I normally always have to vacuum.

3.  (5m)Front Room- No one is ever in there, but I’ll eye ball it to see if the kids left any of their toys, jackets or crap in there & quickly grab them up.  If it hasn’t been dusted or swiftered in a while, I’ll do that too. And I will try to remember to water my 1 lowly plant (that gets no attention & that always has to be revived because I forget to water it).

4. (10m)My room, I make the bed, throw dirty clothes out into the hall, & put shoes away.

5. (10m)Kids rooms, their beds should be made by THEM, but sometimes they forget or are running late, if so I will do it.  Grab any dirty laundry & throw it in the hall.  I make them clean their rooms daily…but if they have been really busy with after school stuff then I CLOSE THEIR DOOR.

6. (5m) I go in the bathroom & spray EVERYTHING down with a heavy duty bathroom cleaner with bleach (it’s really toxic in there) and I open  the window & close the door.

7. (10m) I sort the laundry to be washed & I choose the largest load & throw it in the washing machine.

8. (10m) I go back in the bathroom & wipe everything down that I sprayed & then swifter mop the floor.

That’s it!  I’m done! And I mean I HUSTLE during this hour of power! “Whew it’s a load off my mind just thinking about it!!” lol

Anything else that has to get done will have to be much later.  I have too many other things to do than housework all day. Like I said earlier, I try to run through and tidy during the last hour or half hour before I go to bed.  I may put another load in the wash, get to mopping that kitchen floor or I fold a load while I’m watching tv or something.  Somethings will have to wait until the weekend….some next week! On a day that I ‘may’ not have any laundry to do (rare) I will do something in its place that day that perhaps I have had to put off….like say cleaning out a drawer or cabinet.  But tough stuff like cleaning ovens or refrigerators?  Eh, Eh, never during the week, that’s a Saturday job, or Friday night.  Saturday’s mornings I REALLY get the kids involved. I have a 17-year-old, 8 & 4-year-old at home…..and it’s so funny to me because the little ones they will have their little toys all ready to play something they have plotted out and my son probably has plans to go hang out with friends or something and I’m like “OKAY, TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!”  Then all you hear is “Awww Mom!!!” “Don’t Awww, Mom Me….you helped mess up now help clean up, you can play later!” LOL  And yes, even the 4-year-old helps…and does a great job!  The little ones dust, wipe down steps, fold socks, clean & vacuum their room, & pick up around the house.  The girls always end up having fun helping Mommy. My son helps wash clothes sometimes, has trash & recycle duty during the week, & washes dishes on the weekends. Every little bit helps!

So that’s my secret……now what’s yours?