Wonderfully Made is Here!

This is my very first blog and website….and I am so elated!  It has been a pain staking struggle to get my website and blog up and running, as I am far from being computer savvy….”but God”.  So “Welcome” to Wonderfullymade.Be!  This is a safe place to just “Be”….who you are! I’m a work in progress, and so is everything I do from my marriage of ten years to my kids, my job(s) & my passions!

Wonderfully Made is so much more to me than just a blog….I believe God has a purpose & a plan and this is just the beginning! WM comes from my understanding that we are ALL Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by our creator!  We were not a mistake, by any means and He has a plan & purpose for us all.  We sell ourselves short when we shrink back in pursing the vision & dreams He gives us! He makes us successful, because when we are weak…He makes us strong! So everything I put my hand to do Will be prosperous, successful & wonderful!  My marriage, my business, my children, my purpose, my family WILL be successful….I pray that you find out the same truth!

So about me, if I could use only ONE word to describe me, it would have to be “Ubiquitous” or “Jane-of-all-trades”! (At least that’s how I feel sometimes!) I am a wife to a WONDERFUL husband (11 years this year) in which he is an ordained Minister…not a Pastor of a church (but I’m told that STILL makes me his 1st lady!) an we run a franchise business (Rita’s Water Ice) from spring through summer, I’m a mother (together we have a blended family from toddlers to adults with kids), soccer mom (my kids are involved in everything from basketball, baseball, track & drums to dancing, singing & play rehearsals) I am a work-from-home mom (I’m a virtual public assistant, ghost writer & an aspiring author),  I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur, a crocheter & handcraft jewelry maker and if that weren’t enough…I home school my 4 year old for pre-k! I also sell Avon and I’m involved in my church (greeter, & administration).  Now throw in the housework and you can see…I have a FULL plate! I feel I do more in a day then some do in a week (Hence my word choice “ubiquitous”)! But let me be honest, I do NOT have the perfect little life, family, marriage, or kids…my 8 yr old daughters name is Angel, but an Angel she is not (well she might be close…at least to let her tell it)!  Please don’t get it twisted,  I am far from perfect, and I make no excuses! I don’t get it ALL wrong, but I don’t get it all RIGHT either! LOL I have made mistakes in my marriage…with my kids, in my choices, and in my business decisions, etc, but I determine to learn & grow from them rather than let my failures hold me back or stop me. Honestly, what keeps my sanity is my faith (I follow Jesus) but here…I won’t be forcing anything down your throat or passing any judgments and I hope you won’t either! Hopefully as I share my life story with you, maybe something I say, do or experience (success or failures) will help you in some way or another! And  I hope to hear from you about YOUR struggles & victories too! Thanks for stopping by!



P.S. I leave you with this….my favorite passage:

Satisfy us in the morning with you unfailing love,

so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.

Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery!

Replace the evil years with good.

Let us, your servants, see you work again;

let our children see your glory.

And may the Lord our God show us his approval

and make our efforts successful.

Yes, make our efforts successful!

Psalm 90:14-17


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