My One Hour Power

No…not a power nap!  (I wish)

This is about the dreaded housework.  Actually, for me, it’s not dreaded.  I LOVE a clean smelling house, I love for my family to say “Mommy my clothes smell so good”, I love it when the house is not a wreck for unexpected guest, and I love having dinner ready when everyone gets home.  I just HATE what it takes to do all that!

Something that I learned from my mother is to every morning, set a block of time to run through & clean particular things in a efficient order. Like starting downstairs, in case something comes up, or someone stops by…you definitely want the downstairs to be clean.  Now I believe she only takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but you have to understand who my mother is…the real super woman, and that’s someone I just  AM NOT!  Remember the song, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan”?  That’s her & MORE.  She worked, cooked, home schooled, gardened, hand-sewn our clothes, baked from scratch, kept the house clean, was in the army reserves, etc, etc, etc,.  My mother seemed to be good at everything to me!  I always feel like if I could do as half as much as her I would just ROCK!  Even today, at 60 some odd years, I think she could run circles around me anytime, anywhere! LOL  I do a lot of stuff, but I don’t think I’m as efficient so I just do what I can! \(‘_’)/

My Hour of Power, really is an hour and a half, but then it wouldn’t have a catchy name?! It helps me to feel like, if someone where to stop by, I wouldn’t be embarrassed.  It takes a load off my mind so that I can get some other things done, and then if I have time I can do a little more housework later…but if not, I’d be okay.  You know that check off list on your pad of paper or in your head that you must get done but never seem to get even half way through? >_<    Well, this makes my check off list much lighter because housework is never on it!!!  Okay, so want to know what it is? Are you sure? Well if I tell you, I want to hear about YOUR great ideas and tips that have helped with your housework! DEAL?

Hour of Power steps:

I give myself an hour and a half…and I set an alarm on my cell phone, when time is up….TIME IS UP!

1. (30m) I always start downstairs.  I MUST have coffee every morning, so while that is brewing I take out something for dinner, & wash the dishes (if there are any, I usually do them after dinner).  For those of you ‘lucky son-of-a-guns’ who have a dishwasher…just throw them in there. I ENVY YOU! And you should feel sorry for me because I AM the dishwasher. Then, while fixing my breakfast I wipe off the tables & counters & sweep the floor…and take note if it needs to be mopped.  If it’s not too bad I’ll swifter mop it real quick.  If it is particularly dirty but I don’t have time, I’ll make a mental note to squeeze it in before I go to bed.

2. (10m) Next, while I’m inhaling my food & coffee, in the Family Room….I do a quick dusting, pick up after the kids, straighten pillows & vacuum. This is also a room I try to tidy up before going to bed…or I make the kids so it shouldn’t be too bad.  But I normally always have to vacuum.

3.  (5m)Front Room- No one is ever in there, but I’ll eye ball it to see if the kids left any of their toys, jackets or crap in there & quickly grab them up.  If it hasn’t been dusted or swiftered in a while, I’ll do that too. And I will try to remember to water my 1 lowly plant (that gets no attention & that always has to be revived because I forget to water it).

4. (10m)My room, I make the bed, throw dirty clothes out into the hall, & put shoes away.

5. (10m)Kids rooms, their beds should be made by THEM, but sometimes they forget or are running late, if so I will do it.  Grab any dirty laundry & throw it in the hall.  I make them clean their rooms daily…but if they have been really busy with after school stuff then I CLOSE THEIR DOOR.

6. (5m) I go in the bathroom & spray EVERYTHING down with a heavy duty bathroom cleaner with bleach (it’s really toxic in there) and I open  the window & close the door.

7. (10m) I sort the laundry to be washed & I choose the largest load & throw it in the washing machine.

8. (10m) I go back in the bathroom & wipe everything down that I sprayed & then swifter mop the floor.

That’s it!  I’m done! And I mean I HUSTLE during this hour of power! “Whew it’s a load off my mind just thinking about it!!” lol

Anything else that has to get done will have to be much later.  I have too many other things to do than housework all day. Like I said earlier, I try to run through and tidy during the last hour or half hour before I go to bed.  I may put another load in the wash, get to mopping that kitchen floor or I fold a load while I’m watching tv or something.  Somethings will have to wait until the weekend….some next week! On a day that I ‘may’ not have any laundry to do (rare) I will do something in its place that day that perhaps I have had to put off….like say cleaning out a drawer or cabinet.  But tough stuff like cleaning ovens or refrigerators?  Eh, Eh, never during the week, that’s a Saturday job, or Friday night.  Saturday’s mornings I REALLY get the kids involved. I have a 17-year-old, 8 & 4-year-old at home…..and it’s so funny to me because the little ones they will have their little toys all ready to play something they have plotted out and my son probably has plans to go hang out with friends or something and I’m like “OKAY, TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!”  Then all you hear is “Awww Mom!!!” “Don’t Awww, Mom Me….you helped mess up now help clean up, you can play later!” LOL  And yes, even the 4-year-old helps…and does a great job!  The little ones dust, wipe down steps, fold socks, clean & vacuum their room, & pick up around the house.  The girls always end up having fun helping Mommy. My son helps wash clothes sometimes, has trash & recycle duty during the week, & washes dishes on the weekends. Every little bit helps!

So that’s my secret……now what’s yours?


Tri-Fecta, No….Three-Peat, YESSSSS!

What is a tri-fecta? It’s what Sanford High tried to achieve…..both the varsity girls & boys basketball teams have won the state championships for two years straight & both were going for their 3rd straight win.  It hurt my heart to see the girls loose, but they had an outstanding year. I hope that they won’t be too hard on themselves & understand that there is nothing to be sad about.  They played hard all year, and for them to have made it to the state finals AGAIN, that’s a huge deal! In addition, Sanford basketball’s Johanna McMillan is this week’s WDEL Female High School Athlete of the Week, the junior helped pace the Warriors to the top seed in the DIAA Girls State Basketball Tournament. I am VERY proud of her & the entire team….so girls “keep your head up”!

Now as for the Three-Peat…..the boys did it, they won their third straight championship! There were five other teams prior to Sanford in Delaware high school boys’ basketball history that had won back-to-back state championships. HOWEVER, ONLY Sanford can lay claim to being the three-consecutive championship-winning team in the DIAA Boys Basketball State Tournament! The Warriors, officially, stand alone! It took 32 minutes of hard-nosed defense, some clutch free-throw shooting down the stretch and senior leadership to help top-seeded Sanford emerge from its skirmish with No. 3-seed Newark with a 58-50 victory and a large chunk of Delaware basketball history.

What I absolutely love about these boys is that they never act real cocky & they have a real sense of respect towards others, humble attitudes, sportsmanship conduct, & team effort. I witnessed many games where players of other teams were shooting off at the mouth & playing real grimy, in my opinion. But these young men always remained focused & continued to play the game with good sportsmanship & team effort. There may be some top scorers…but they always supported each other, encouraged each other with an unmatched defense and giving each other opportunities to make big plays (because it’s never about getting the ball to one key player with them). In an interview with sports examiner Micheal Lang… as he caught up with Sanford’s forward Khallid Hart Friday night at the Bob Carpenter Center, where he and teammates Sabri Thompson and Austin Ford had just finished watching the Sanford girls team in the girls basketball finals….he asked Khallid, what was the secret to beating Newark? Khallid answered “We just have to stick to our regular game plan and hopefully everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to. Obviously, you have to contain Andre Horne, but if we stick to everything we’ve been doing for the whole season, hopefully we’ll come out on top.”

By the second half of the game, even though they were leading by 10 or more points, we saw a look in Khallids’  eyes of ‘determination’. He was a true leader for his team throughout this season, MVP material in my personal opinion. I watched as he rallied his team together & encouraged them to stay focused & finish out strong like they came to do. He even motioned to their Pep Rally schoolmates to rev up their cheering as if to say ‘Come on! We need your encouragement too!’

That kind of attitude, I try to instill in my own children. I want them to be bold, confident leaders, but I want them to also have a humbleness & respectful attitude towards others. That is no easy thing to teach, and the best way I know how is to lead by example. It’s in the way we treat people, even when they are wrong. It’s in the way we handle difficult situations….will we run away, or will we do our very best and have a good attitude win or lose. Even as adults, many decisions we are faced with, we would rather NOT deal with it. But cowering away or blaming others for our mistakes will never help us in life or our kids who are watching our every move. One scripture that my husband & I have made sure that we taught & reminded our kids is “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13.  They know that there is nothing they can’t do, that they set their minds to, but they FIRST have to believe in themselves!

After the game, coach Waterman (an outstanding coach I might ad) had a well-deserved big ol’ party for everyone at his house, then on our way home our son Bobby (who is 17) asked if he & a friend (who we were giving a ride to) could go to ‘the after-party, party‘ at a girls house from school. Without much hesitation & a quick talk to his friends mother & the girl’s mother, we told said ‘yes’.  They were surprised, and elated. We even let him drive the Escalade & set the curfew at 12:30am!  His friends mom was a little shocked herself at that, but you know something… when you know your kids and they have earned privileges…what are you going to do?  It’s like the 16 yr old or fresh out of college kid looking for their first job and getting rejection after rejection because they lack “experience”.  But how can you gain experience if no one gives you a chance?  So we use opportunities like these to let him prove he is responsible & that he can be trusted!  No child or human for that matter, is perfect so they will make mistakes, but it’s about how they handle the mistakes.  We have taught him to be honest & upfront, “man up’ when you mess up.  The decisions he makes now, & how he handles them, will set him up for the future, good or bad. He knows that if he crashes the car, speeds & gets tickets, uses drugs or alcohol or gets caught up in a lie doing something he’s not supposed to do, that there WILL be consequences & we will immediately shut down his privileges.  And that’s real life! So my motto is “it is…what it is”, reward them for doing great, and follow through with consequences when they act the fool! I’m just sayin’! He has to learn how to control himself when he is out on his own & make wise choices on for himself, we can’t do it for him or hold his hand his entire life!  And guess what, he took his friend home & then walked through our front door at 12:22am.  I expected nothing less of him. 😉

I leave you with this,

Every new job, project or task is some form of a challenge.  Without God it can be frightening.  With God it can be a great adventure.  Just as God was with Joshua, he is with us as we face our many challenges.  We may not win every battle, but every day that we face tough situations, deal with difficult people and fight off temptations…God promises, that He will never abandon us nor fail to help us.  When we ask him to direct us we find that we can conquer many of life’s’ greatest challenges. (check out Joshua 1:5)

My Butt is Dragging

Last night, 8pm the Sanford Warriors take the court, my stomach is in knots.  We have watched this top-seeded (22-1) Varsity team throughout the season.  My son is over in the cheering section, his season is over (JV basketball) and a few of his best friends play varsity.  This was his first year in basketball … super proud of him because he did it spite the nay sayers who said he was too small & would never get on the court.  But he did it, and did get some play time, and has already professed he will be on varsity next year.  I love that kid! He has heart & determination.

So this game was intense…these boys all season normally get a 30 pt lead in the 1st half (so I can sit back and relax the rest of the game). But this is the DIAA State Basketball tournament, on a court that felt like we were at the NBA… was pins & needles for me up through 4rth quarter. But they consistently kept at least a 10 pt lead, and they did it! They beat Concord with a 53/34 win and are on their way to defend their 2 time state championship for a THREE-PEAT!  In 45 years, no school has won the DIAA Boys State Basketball Tournament three seasons in a row!  As if that weren’t blessed enough, the Sanford Warrior Girls basketball team are also top seeded and will also play for a Three-peat tonight against Ursuline as they defend THEIR last 2 state titles! Wow,stick me with a fork I’m done!

The game wasn’t over until about 11pm, & we still had to stop at our store as we are preparing to open this Tuesday, then on to our eldest daughters to pick up the little ones.  Therefore I am in desperate need of coffee this morning (I can smell that my wonderful hubby has some brewing for me).  It’s going to be a long day.  We’ve been preparing to open for several weeks now, and honestly it’s bitter sweet.  Sweet because we run our own business & work with our kids & family, get to eat water ice & custard all day, meet new people, catch up with old friends and then work for us is done at the end of summer!  Bitter because the season is constantly busy, we work with our kids and family, and eat water ice & custard all day! LOL We also don’t really get to vacation until after the summer.  But it’s all good, I’m not complaining. I know I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philp 4:13)

I just have to wrap my head around how hectic it’s going to be.  My mom always says “you better get your mind right!”  That’s how I feel today.  During the fall/winter season, my husband is here to help out around the house & with getting the kids back & forth to school etc.  Spring/summer season, my husband is usually at the store all day, so that means pretty much everything else will fall on me. I have my own home business but I also do the books & online social marketing for the store.  I will be running all the errands, taking care of the house, & cook most of the meals. My son just started baseball season so he has practice practice practices, my eight year old is in a big jungle book production so she has rehearsal rehearsals rehearsals, and my 4 yr old is glued to my hip.  I home school her, but she will start kindergarten in the fall.  My big task with her this season will be to keep her out the store as much as possible, you do the math…..a 4yr old mixed with free reign of water ice & custard multiplied by the entire spring & summer.  You would think she’d get tired of it after a couple weeks right? NOT AT ALL!

Well I leave you with this…..

EVERY morning for the past say 3 months, I have opened my eyes to find that I have been singing in my sleep.  The verse this morning was “Don’t let ’em steal your joy, don’t let ’em, don’t let ’em steal your joy”.  Wonder what that is all about?

Wonderfully Made is Here!

This is my very first blog and website….and I am so elated!  It has been a pain staking struggle to get my website and blog up and running, as I am far from being computer savvy….”but God”.  So “Welcome” to Wonderfullymade.Be!  This is a safe place to just “Be”….who you are! I’m a work in progress, and so is everything I do from my marriage of ten years to my kids, my job(s) & my passions!

Wonderfully Made is so much more to me than just a blog….I believe God has a purpose & a plan and this is just the beginning! WM comes from my understanding that we are ALL Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by our creator!  We were not a mistake, by any means and He has a plan & purpose for us all.  We sell ourselves short when we shrink back in pursing the vision & dreams He gives us! He makes us successful, because when we are weak…He makes us strong! So everything I put my hand to do Will be prosperous, successful & wonderful!  My marriage, my business, my children, my purpose, my family WILL be successful….I pray that you find out the same truth!

So about me, if I could use only ONE word to describe me, it would have to be “Ubiquitous” or “Jane-of-all-trades”! (At least that’s how I feel sometimes!) I am a wife to a WONDERFUL husband (11 years this year) in which he is an ordained Minister…not a Pastor of a church (but I’m told that STILL makes me his 1st lady!) an we run a franchise business (Rita’s Water Ice) from spring through summer, I’m a mother (together we have a blended family from toddlers to adults with kids), soccer mom (my kids are involved in everything from basketball, baseball, track & drums to dancing, singing & play rehearsals) I am a work-from-home mom (I’m a virtual public assistant, ghost writer & an aspiring author),  I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur, a crocheter & handcraft jewelry maker and if that weren’t enough…I home school my 4 year old for pre-k! I also sell Avon and I’m involved in my church (greeter, & administration).  Now throw in the housework and you can see…I have a FULL plate! I feel I do more in a day then some do in a week (Hence my word choice “ubiquitous”)! But let me be honest, I do NOT have the perfect little life, family, marriage, or kids…my 8 yr old daughters name is Angel, but an Angel she is not (well she might be close…at least to let her tell it)!  Please don’t get it twisted,  I am far from perfect, and I make no excuses! I don’t get it ALL wrong, but I don’t get it all RIGHT either! LOL I have made mistakes in my marriage…with my kids, in my choices, and in my business decisions, etc, but I determine to learn & grow from them rather than let my failures hold me back or stop me. Honestly, what keeps my sanity is my faith (I follow Jesus) but here…I won’t be forcing anything down your throat or passing any judgments and I hope you won’t either! Hopefully as I share my life story with you, maybe something I say, do or experience (success or failures) will help you in some way or another! And  I hope to hear from you about YOUR struggles & victories too! Thanks for stopping by!



P.S. I leave you with this….my favorite passage:

Satisfy us in the morning with you unfailing love,

so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.

Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery!

Replace the evil years with good.

Let us, your servants, see you work again;

let our children see your glory.

And may the Lord our God show us his approval

and make our efforts successful.

Yes, make our efforts successful!

Psalm 90:14-17